Where is it?

21 rue du Goyen, Pont Croix, 29790, France

And How To Get There :

Brittany map1a

brittany map 2a

brittany map 4a

brittany map 5a



By Road :

Two roads lead into Pont Croix:

1)  The D765 passing through CONFORT MEILARS. Just before PONT CROIX, the road passes through the tiny hamlet of LANVISCAR (horrible blue painted house beside the road). Immediately after, turn left in front of the big sign for Pont Croix and drop down through the woods to a wide crossroads. Turn left and go straight over a tiny stone bridge. Continue uphill to a little crossroads, turn right then IMMEDIATELY turn right again (doubling back almost). Follow this curly road along to a wide T-junction, turn right and cross the long stone bridge (Roman) that spans the Goyen estuary. At the end, it turns sharply left and uphill into the rue du Goyen. Parking is anywhere alongside the stone walls on the left after the speed bump.


2)  The D784 passing through PLOZEVET. Continue on through the tiny hamlet of TY PIC, then shortly after turn right into the D2, signposted for Pont Croix. Stay on this road and in about five minutes it will lead you into Pont Croix, straight over the long Roman bridge that spans the Goyen at the end of which it turns sharply left and uphill – the rue du Goyen. Parking is anywhere alongside the stone walls on the left after the speed bump.

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